t1-aboutTriathlon is now active also in the Mediterranean area. The Mediterranean Triathlon Federation (MTF) is establishing a Mediterranean triathlon series called as Triathlon1.

Triathlon1 is starting the 2014 with 2 races starting with the 17-18 May in Avola Italy and finish at 19th October in Loutraki Greece.
From 2015 is expected the number of Triathlon1 events to be increased to 3-4 in total.

The 2014 Triathlon1 in Loutraki will be also the Mediterranean championships for the year 2014, as well as a European Cup and the participants will have the privilege to obtain the ITU points as an official ITU ranking event. In parallel the event is expecting to become one of the main age-group event in the Mediterranean area.

MTF is focusing in the development of the Triathlon in the Mediterranean area in cooperation with ITU and ETU and we take the opportunity to thank the ITU President and IOC member mrs Marisol Casado as also the ETU President mr Reanato Bertrandi for their continuous support.

This web site will provide you all news and details about the races and will try to establish a connection with the Mediteranean triathletes in order to exchange experiences and promote the sport in Mediterranean basin.

We are expecting all triathlon athletes of the Mediterranean area as well as all age-group ones around the world, to participate in the Triathlon1 series and enjoy the Mediterranean clean water coastes, the perfect weather conditions and the mediterranean hospitality.

See you in Triathlon1 series