yerolimpos photo 2George Yerolimpos
Mediterranean Triathlon Federation President

Triathlon, the fastet developing Olympic sport today, is now active also in the Mediterranean area. The Mediterranean Triathlon Federation (MTF) is establishing a Mediterranean triathlon series called as Triathlon1.

We are expecting all triathlon athletes of the Mediterranean area as well as all age-group ones around the world, to participate in the Triathlon1 series and enjoy the Mediterranean clean water coastes, the perfect weather conditions and the mediterranean hospitality.

See you in Triathlon1 series 

itf presidentLuigi Bianchi
Italian Triathlon Federation President

Dear friends from Mediterranean countries e from all over the world,

Italian Triathlon Federation, as a cofounder of M.T.F. , is very proud to host the first event of Triathlon 1 series.

We are sure that Sicily, not only the largest island of Mediterranean Sea but for many centuries, and still now, a bridge

among all Mediterranean people and cultures, will be a perfect setting for this exciting beginning!


malta presidentCyprian Dalli
Malta Triathlon Federation President

Dear triathlon-lovers from all over the Mediterranean,

I believe that the establishing of a Triathlon Federation for the Mediterranean is an inevitable step forward in the history of this ever-growing sport. My friends from Malta and myself, being poised at the very centre of this region, are glad to support, assist and be an active part in this exciting development.

We firmly believe that this region, which has been a melting point of cultures for thousands years, can, through the power of sport, transcend into bringing together the North, the South, the East and the West and merge into one culture : the culture of Triathlon!

We welcome all triathlon-lovers on board this new adventure!